Friday, March 16, 2007

Elasto Mania (a.k.a. ELMA)

In this game, you ride a bike, and you need to pick up apples. I know, it sounds weird, but it's very funny! Your only enemy is physics. There are many levels, and you can create your own with level editor that comes with game. Graphic isn't anything special, but that's not important with this kind of games. Only bad thing is that the game is shareware. Good thing: it's not limited. You have about 18 levels. But it's not expensive, only 9$. I heard some rumors that game become free, so I'll check this. If it's true, I'll upload full version soon.

Size: 1.08 MB
Rate: 9.5/10

Download it HERE.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Pirates: Battle for the Caribbean

I heard about this game about one month ago, and madness lasted for about two weeks. You choose between British and pirate captain. Then a fortress is given to you, from where you need to destroy enemy ships. Type of missions will vary from destroying all enemy ships, destroying marked enemy ships and saving friendly ships. Very interesting is upgrading your fortress. You can speed up your cannon balls, increase damage, add more health...
When you complete campaigns, you can try "Survival mode". Name says all...
Anyway, this game is certainly worth playing. At least you will have fun for a couple of days.
One more plus: Game is free ;)

Size: About 9 MB
To download, click HERE

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Important note

Soon I will upload some freeware and abandonware games, which are my favorites, to this blog!

Friday, March 2, 2007

8. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault vs. Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

a) MoH: Allied Assault

Allied Assault is originally ported from PS, which promises no good. But fear not, noble gamers! This game is almost the best FPS ever made for PC (ported, I mean, but who cares), except Call of Duty, maybe, but that’s other story...

Your first mission is in Africa, when you need to retake one town from Germans. Almost all missions are designed in same way, and they are linear and scripted. For example, your teammates will die when the game says so, and you can’t save them (how undemocratic...). Exception is third mission, Omaha beach. You, like many others, need to charge upon enemy bunkers and kill all Nazi’s. You even can feel small part of chaos that was present there... wow...

One more flaw is that your soldiers (teammates) will always die, leaving you to kill hordes of Germans. Where is reality here? O, shit...

Rate: 8/10

b) MoH: Pacific Assault

Pacific Assault is made in 2004, and it was horribly demanding game, but didn’t bring any revolutionary and new with it. Only some fancy effects. Battlefield is now on pacific islands, and there is one bad thing with it: boring exteriors. Green. Green. Wherever you turn, only GREEN. Man, I went insane in these jungles...

Combat system is pretty bad. It’s somewhat boring (with exceptions), soldiers are to immune to ammunition and ammo is spent unusually quickly. Weird...

Most interesting missions are in the beginning , when you control a boat, and somewhere in the middle of the game, when you control a plane. Rest is boring.

Rate: 6/10

7. Tropico vs. Tropico 2: Pirate Cove

a) Tropico

Most of us think it’s easy to be a president. But when you start playing Tropico, you will certainly change your mind. Regardless of any other stated victory condition, the main goal of Tropico is to stay in power–if the island's populace disapprove of the player's actions, they may vote their leader out of office, or even stage a coup d'état (revolt). On the other side, if USA or SSSR don’t like the way you control your banana republic, they will launch an invasion on your island.

You are given absolute control of your island. To earn money, you can base you economy on tourism, industry or raw materials export (wood, coal...). You can manipulate your population as you want (imprison, eliminate, etc...) through edicts. Edicts can affect your population positively or negatively, depends on which edict you use.

That’s it. Now excuse me, I’m going to cry, because my CD is destroyed...

Rate: 9.5/10

b) Tropico 2: Pirate Cove

In Tropico, you controlled banana republic. Instead of it, in Tropico 2 you are given control of pirate nest! Earning money is now completely different. Now you need to raid settlements with your ship(s), to earn your profit. But micromanagement from Tropico is still present. You must make weapons for your pirates and keep them happy. There are two types of habitants on your island: pirates, who you need for raids and guarding, and captives, who you need for laboring. Each of them are essential, so you need to carefully balance their happiness. You use two factors to make them happy: anarchy, that makes pirates happy but doesn’t affect good on captives, and order, that makes captives happy, but make pirates nervous.

The game is pretty harder than Tropico, and it is rather complicated to successfully raise your island

Rate: 9/10

Thursday, March 1, 2007

6. Blitzkrieg versus Blitzkrieg 2

a) Blitzkrieg

Blitzkrieg is a Real-Time strategy game, happening in WW2. You can choose three sides to fight with: Germans, Allies and Soviets. There are 20 historical battles to fight, and several secondary battles. In each mission you are given specific number of troops, which you must use to defeat the enemy. There aren’t any barracks or base buildings to make a cannon fodder, so you must plan each move carefully! I believe that’s the best part of game. Reinforcements may com from time to time, but taking risks isn’t a very good idea. Each mistake is paid dearly, so take care of your troops! It’s the key to success.

There are many massive battles, so it’s great pleasure to watch a fireworks across the battlefield. You must try it, to believe it!

Rate: 9.5/10

b) Blitzkrieg 2

This is pretty good game, but only if you don’t have original Blitzkrieg installed. The game is classic RTS WW2 game with fancy graphic (but I don’t like it), new interface and that’s it. There are about 3x more missions than in Blitzkrieg, and that’s positive side. Negative side is that all of them are somewhat same. You must conquer something, or defend something, and that’s it. Another negative side is that corpses are disappearing. WTF? They are DISAPPEARING? In BLITZKRIEG? That means that few minutes after battle, no signs of it will left. Just craters in ground, but that’s not it! That and soldiers are moving somewhat weird...

Rate: 7/10

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

5. Black & White versus Black & White 2

a) Black & White

This is really interesting and innovative PC game. You are a god, and your task is to bring down evil god, Nemesis, who wants to take control over the universe. There are five worlds. Each of them consist of bunch of villages, which you need to conquer, neither good or evil way. I personally favor evil way, because it’s easier and more cool than good way, which is really boring. Best way is to find some rocks, and start practicing marksmanship... There is no better feeling...

Rate: 9/10

b) Black & White 2

Ehm... You know the drill. Pixel Shaders, fancy graphics... And bingo! They ruined the game. I really don’t get it. First game was great. Second sucks. Why? Why does every game need Pixel Shaders? Are they really necessary? This game become just like any other RTS. Except you have a hand instead of pointer... Some things are pointless. Why do God need an army of mortals? Why do God need walls? To protect himself? From who? He is IMMORTAL! To protect his people? He’s a GOD, dammit, real God doesn’t need a wall to protect something. When I played first B&W, sometimes I really thought I am a god. The gameplay was so... specific. And this junk... It’s not B&W. It’s a crap.

Rate: 6/10


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